Congress Information

Organizing committee, Faculties, General information 16thASCI

Congress Information

the 16th Congress of Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging
(ASCI 2023)

"Collaborative Approach In Optimizing Cardiovascular Imaging"

Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC), Bali, Indonesia

August 10th - 12th, 2022

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Congress Information

Welcome Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to invite you to join The 16th Congress of Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (ASCI 2023) to be held on 10th - 12th August 2023, in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC), Bali, Indonesia.

The 16th Congress of Asian Society of Cardiovascular (ASCI 2023) is designed to promote scientific knowledge, medical advancement, and the delivery of effective healthcare in the field of Internal Medicine. The scientific papers will be mostly presented and moderated by leaders in the field and attendees will benefit from the lively discussions on thought-provoking and timely topics in Internal Medicine especially Cardiovascular. The main reason we choose Bali as the conference venue is because of its strategic location. Easy access with direct flight from prominent cities in the world and served by at least 30 international airlines. The government of Indonesia has granted 85 countries for free visa; this will provide easy access for many international participants to attend The 16th Congress of Asian Society of Cardiovascular (ASCI 2023).

On the other hand, the newly renovated spacious International airport, the direct new toll road from airport to Nusa Dua area, and the high-tech convention center will ensure the smooth organization of the meeting as well as the conveniences of all participants.

Please block the date and looking forward to meeting you soon in Bali.

Sincerely Yours,

Ika Prasetya Wijaya, MD, PhD
Congress Chairman of ASCI 2023

Congress Information

Organizing Committee

  • Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia
Advisory board
  • Prof. dr. Lukman Hakim Makmun, SpPD, KKV, KGer, SpJP
  • Prof. Dr. dr Teguh Ranakusuma, SpS
  • Dr. dr Sally Aman Nasution, SpPD, KKV, FINASIM, FACP
  • dr. Rayhan, Sp. Rad
  • Dr. dr. Eka Ginanjar, SpPD, KKV, FINASIM, FACP, FICA, MARS
  • Dr. dr. Ika Prasetya Wijaya, SpPD, KKV, FINASIM, FACP, FICA
Chief Executive
  • dr. Muhadi, SpPD, KKV, M. Epid, FINASIM
Vice of Chief Executive I
  • dr. Lusiani, SpPD, KKV, FINASIM
Vice of Chief Executive II
  • Dr. dr. Jacub Pandelaki, Sp.Rad (K)
  • dr. Birry Karim, SpPD, KKV, FINASIM, FICA
  • dr. M. Reynalzi Yugo, Sp.Rad
  • dr. Arif Mansjoer, SpPD-KKV, KIC, M. Epid, FINASIM
  • dr. Heltara, Sp.Rad
  • dr. Ryan Ranitya, SpPD-KKV, FINASIM
  • dr. Moh. Syahrir Azizi, SpPD, KKV, FICA
  • Dr. dr. Jacob Pandelaki, Sp.Rad (K)
  • dr. Heltara Ramandika, Sp.Rad
  • dr. M. Reynalzi Yugo, Sp.Rad
  • dr. M. Yanuar Amal, Sp.Rad
  • dr. Rayhan, Sp.Rad
  • dr. Anisa R, Sp.A(K)
  • Dr. dr. Rubiana Sukardi, Sp.A(K)
  • Prof. Dr. dr. Mulyadi M. Djer, Sp.A(K)
  • dr. Birry Karim, SpPD, KKV, FINASIM, FICA
  • Dr. dr. I Gusti Putu Suka Aryana, SpPD, KGer, FINASIM
  • dr. Arif Mansjoer, SpPD-KKV, KIC, M. Epid, FINASIM
  • dr. Lusiani, SpPD, KKV, FINASIM
  • dr. Mira Yuniarti, Sp.Rad(K)
  • dr. Putu Utami, Sp.Rad
  • dr. Resultanti, SpPD
  • dr. R. Fidiaji Hiltono, SpPD, KKV
Congress Information


International Faculties

*Within confirmation

  • Dr. Elizabeth YY Yoon (Korea)
  • Dr. Emily Tan (Malaysia)
  • Dr. Felix Keng (Singapore)
  • Dr. Lisa Sugeng (US)
  • Dr. Liza Thomas (Australia)
  • Dr. Ming - Yen NG (Hongkong)
  • Dr. Ngoc-Trang NGUYEN (Vietnam)
  • Dr. Nobue Tomizawa (Jepang)
  • Dr. Prabhakar Rajiah (Mayo Clinic)
  • Dr. Shy-Jye Chen (Taiwan)
  • Dr. Takeshi (Jepang)
  • Dr. Tan Swee Yaw (NHCS, SIngapore)
  • Dr. Teerapat (Thailand)
  • dr. Yen - Wen WU (Chinese Taipie)
  • Dr. Yiu - Cho Chung (Hongkong)
  • Prof. Bin Lu (China)
  • Prof. Cheng Yu CHEN (China)
  • Prof. Jong Min Lee (Korea)
Indonesian Faculties

*Within confirmation

  • Dr. Alvita
  • Dr. Amiliana Mardiana Santoso
  • Dr. Anisa Rahmadhany
  • Dr. Arif Mansjoer
  • Dr. Birry Karim
  • Dr. Eka Ginanjar
  • Dr. Erwin Affandi
  • Dr. Heltara Ramandika /li>
  • Dr. Ika Prasetya Wijaya
  • Dr. Indrati Suroyo
  • Dr. Jacub Pandelaki
  • Dr. Krishna Pandu
  • Dr. Liesdina Liastuti
  • Dr. Lusiani
  • Dr. Mira Yuniarti
  • Dr. Mohamad Syahrir Azizi
  • Dr. Muhadi
  • Dr. Muhammad Kurniawan
  • Dr. Mulyadi Djer
  • Dr. Reynalzi Yugo
  • Dr. Rubiana Sukardi
  • Dr. Ryan Ranitya
  • Dr. Sally Aman N
  • Dr. Sarah Rafika
  • Dr. Simon Salim
  • Dr. Yanuar Amal
Welcome to the Magnificent Venue

Bali, Indonesia

Bali has developed into a world of its own. It captures not only what is special about Indonesia, but embodies a unique spirit that can only be found on the island.

Top Reasons to Visit Bali

Bali weather has 2 seasons - dry and wet - though you can expect mostly warm and humid days throughout the year. The dry season is from May to September. This offers sunny days and an average temperature of 31°C.
Most consider the mid-year period to be the best time to go to Bali. You can expect a good balance between sun, sand and surf during the time. The wet season is October to April, with occasional downpours and overcast skies. The windy months are between June and August, which Bali locals often refer to as the kite season, when the skies are dotted with colourful traditional Balinese kites.

Surfers love the waves at Nusa Lembongan near Nusa Penida. These islands are a 45 minutes boat trip from Nusa Dua or from Sanur. At Nusa Penida's south western coast are the Manta Point and the Malibu point where divers can swim with Travally, big rays, and even sharks. Kelingking Beach, Atuh beach and Broken beach among the most famous spots of Nusa Penida. The best dive spots can be located at Menjangan island, with its reef flat, anchor wreck, eel garden and caves to explore. Located in the western part of Bali, you can enjoy the rare sight of deer swimming near the beach. Pemutaran is also famous for its diving activities renowned for reef conservation. Try exploring or trekking the West Bali National Park, where you may get up close and personal with Bali’s rich flora and fauna, such as Jalak Bali or the Bali Starling. Bali offers first-class adrenaline-pumping white water rafting down the spectacular Ayung River by Ubud. If you enjoy cycling, Ubud and its surrounding is a wonderful town to bike around. There are also good cycling paths at Uluwatu in the south.

The many temples around Bali celebrate their anniversaries once every 6 Gregorian months according to the 210-day Balinese calendar. That means you'll most likely stumble across a lively ceremony during your visit. Towering colourful fruit offerings, decorated shrines and lively processions are all ready for your camera. Rites of passage, even death, is a festive sight as ngaben cremations or pelebon for royalties, is a sight to behold with towering effigies are carried to the funeral pyre.

Most people who have been to Bali will agree that the Balinese are the friendliest people. Making new friends is easier here than anywhere else, as locals are often interested in engaging in a conversation with anyone, including tourists. Their friendliness and genuine warmth have made tourists feel at home for decades.